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Originally from Great Britain, this giant "The Shire" with a big heart  appreciated both for its power and for its docility,  is the tallest horse in the world.


Threatened with extinction in the 1950s-1960s,  great efforts are then made to preserve it: the traditional English brewers continue to deliver their beers by cart,   competitions are organized such as the "Sire Horse National Show",  helping to preserve this breed.   














Nowadays  we count approximately  2500 Shires  in the world.

The "Great War Horse" or the "Gentle Giant" in addition to their exceptional size  (the tallest horse ever measured: 2.19 m at the withers, for more than 1,520 kgs  named Sampson), the Shires are also particularly powerful horses and have demonstrated this on several occasions.

In 1803, a Shire hauled a 55-ton train and the 55 passengers it contained for 10 km.

In 1924, at the Wembley Show, the organizers attempted to measure the pulling force of two Shires using a dynamometer. However, the instrument could not withstand the power of the horses. However, their strength has been estimated and is equivalent to starting a 50 ton load!


The Shires are therefore the workhorses par excellence: tall, powerful, courageous and gentle.


And you? Have you ever seen Shires? What do you think of these giants?


The use of the SHIRE is multiple: Driving, leisure, show, dressage... It is a multidisciplinary horse with a calm temperament with juice when you wish it, provided you train it regularly. He can do anything, and  is very gifted for the show because his stature and his lively gaits naturally impress...

Its use

Shire horse spectacle brazsweet

Shire Features

Colours: mainly black, bay or grey. THE SHIRE PIE DOES NOT EXIST
Size: minimum 1.70 m for stallions and 1.60 m for females. The tallest can exceed 2m at the withers

Etalon shire brazsweet "Prince"
Hongre shire brazsweet "Major"

The Shire is said to be “late”, in fact its growth ends around the age of 7 years.

It is therefore very important to respect this one: work mounted around the age of 4 years and harnessed around the age of 5 years.


Here as an example below, the evolution of a growth of a Shire.

Between the age of 2 years (photo on the left) and the same horse at the age of  6 years old (photo on the right).



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